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Employment Contracts

I routinely advise clients on non-competition agreements, non-solicitation agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and confidentiality agreements.  I have worked with employees in a variety of industries, including in the tech and biotech sectors, medical and pharmaceutical professionals, employees in the service industry, non-profits and creative industries and at companies of all different sizes from early-stage start-ups to global companies. 

I also routinely work with employees who are exiting their employment and have received a severance agreement.  I am able to provide a review of an agreement to make sure that you understand what you are signing and what restrictions it may place on your future.  I am also able to negotiate on your behalf to make sure that you are being treated fairly.

Some examples include:

  • I represented a consultant at a global consulting firm who was presented with an employment agreement that included non-competition and non-solicitation components.
  • I advised a technical professional considering a job change on the enforceability and potential ramifications of the non-competition agreement he had signed with his current employer.
  • I counselled an MD transitioning from academia to a senior position at a major pharmaceutical company on the terms of an employment agreement.
  • I served as personal counsel to a co-founder of a start-up negotiating his employment agreement with the company’s counsel to ensure that his rights as an individual were protected.
  • I helped a software engineer understand and negotiate an employment agreement that included an invention assignment clause.
  • I negotiated a complicated severance package on behalf of a high-level professional in a creative industry.

Employment Discrimination and Unfair Wages

I care deeply about issues of social justice and equity in the workplace, and have represented clients who have experienced discrimination or other unfair treatment.  Some examples include:

  • Gender Equity:         I have represented employees who are the victims of sexual harassment and sex discrimination in the workplace.  I recently helped a female employee who was being paid significantly less than her male counterparts negotiate a raise to correct the inequity.
  • Fair Payment of Wages:  I have helped individuals to obtain wages they are owed by their employers, including individuals working in the service and tech industries.  I have also worked with sales people regarding commissions owed to them, both in reviewing and drafting contracts to protect their commissions and engaging in litigation to recoup earned but unpaid commissions.
  • Disability Discrimination:     I work with clients who have experienced discrimination and retaliation on the basis of their disability or in response to requesting an accommodation for their disability. 

Past Speaking Engagements:

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